Here at Wildaboutwoods we offer all parties to suit your needs and your budget. We can also supply personal birthday cakes through our good friends at Porsham Cakes.

If you have any food allergies please click HERE for a full list of our ingredients

Here are some of our most popular parties, but you can always mix and match: 

Ladybird Party

2 hour party tailor made to your child’s needs – includes invitations, medallions and toasted marshmallows.

Butterfly Party

2 hour party tailor made to your child’s needs – includes invitations, medallions, toasted marshmallows and hot dogs.

Bumble Bee Party

2 hour party tailor made to your child’s needs – includes invitations, medallions, toasted marshmallows, hot dogs and woodland themed

party bags.

Gruffalo Themed Party

2 Hour party includes hunt for the Gruffalo, building a snake log house, Making a Gruffalo out of natural material, - includes invitations,

medallions, toasted marshmallows.

Magical Woodland Party

2 Hour Party includes making a magical wand, making a crown for the fairy king/queen, making a magical potion and building a fairy/elf

house or garden – includes invitations, medallions toasted marshmallows and hotdogs.

Schools Out For Summer                          Holiday Club

Remember the summers days spent climbing trees and skinning your knees as you scramble back down? Making mud pies and special ‘perfumes’ from muddy water and petals. Then smeared with grass stains and sun-kissed faces hearing your mum calling you back in, knowing that tomorrow would be filled with more exciting adventures. At Wildaboutwoods we have our own private woodland that allows you to have these adventures everyday with the additional knowledge that you are in a safe environment.
We want your children to have the same wonderful adventures that we had as children and with the addition of the digital age we live in, we can capture it all on camera.
So, with school out and the fact that we don’t want to spend all day inside, why not sign up for one of our summer holiday special woodland days? We will be having adventure after adventure, where every day is different, with games and crafts and, of course, the luxury of food straight from the open fire as well as popcorn and toasted marshmallows, not to mention the rope swings and playing in the brook. So what’s stopping you?
Start planning your children’s’ memories today!
If you think your child might enjoy…

Den building
Stealth games
Mud sculpting
Wild art
Dam making
Fire lighting
Minibeast hunts
Leaf Printing
Tracking and trailing
Making stick men and mini towns
Tree climbing
Natural crafts
Story telling

Wild play and anything else you can think of
…then book them in to one of our holiday clubs and they can join in the fun at our secret woodland hideouts!

All you need is imagination and an open space - the world is your oyster!

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